Collaborate or Compete?

Artist: Jacqueline Mia Monroe

Artist: Jacqueline Mia Monroe

Could a collaboration be good for your business?

Competition in business is usually regarded as a good thing. It can improve quality, value and service.
It can also cause a lot of wasted time and effort and drive prices down to unrealistic levels.
Every competiton has a winner and a loser.
So how about looking at a potential competitor and exploring a collaboration that will benefit both of you?

Instead a win:lose, could you have a win:win?

Diana Probst and Jacqueline Mia Monroe embarked on a most unusual collaboration.

They wanted to challenge how people see their own creativity so they decided to highlight how different creative minds can take the same topic and produce very different types of art.

[pullquote](Don’t make the mistake of thinking that artists aren’t in business – they surely are and this project is about raising profiles, getting known and earning more money!)[/pullquote]

Jackie and Diana asked their networks for three topics. They each took those topics and created pieces of art without discussing or revealing them to each other. They didn’t see the other’s finished pieces until they put on a joint show.

I’ve been fascinated to see this whole process develop and asked Diana and Jacqueline about the experience of collaborating and what it means to each of them:

Jacqueline Mia Monro

Jacqueline: Self portrait

Jackie: “Not only is collaboration much more fun than working alone, but we keep each other accountable. We come from very different backgrounds so have lots of unconventional resources to draw on which we hope will make for a more interesting experience. We have been learning about using social media to engage our audience too, which is keeping us on track and motivated and its fun!


Diana Probst

Self portrait: Diana Probst

Diana: “In terms of knowledge, I’ve learned a lot about assumptions.  Jackie assumes we’ll be doing stuff, and I think about it, and lo and behold it’s a great idea.  We want to get people excited and get them thinking that they are part of the work and can contribute.  I want to ask people what art is, and help provide tools for them.  I’m seeing this as the start of a potential set of collaborations.  I’ve talked with some very good programmers about the way humans choose.  Giving people the chance to use their own tools and then decide what art might or might not be to them, and then to follow it, is part of what we hope to do.

At this stage, I’m still at the tread lightly stage.  (…for you tread on my dreams.)”


Could this approach work for you?

Is there someone in your business sector that could be a competitor that you might be able to collaborate with in the same way as Jackie and Diana? Could you push each other to do new work, explore new ways of connecting with your target market and delivering something exceptional?

See Diana’s work at Diana Probst 

See Jackie’s work at Art Buzz

If you’re interested in creating collaborations, contact me for a chat.

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