New Users to Twitter for Business

Tips for getting started on using Twitter for Business: The first thing to remember is that no-one, repeat, NO-ONE, ever joined a social network to be sold to. If you try that you’ll be ignored. The way to use Twitter for business is exactly the same as face to face networking but without the physical […]

Tried and Tested Twitter Tips

There are many, many Twitter Guides out there, some are just one person’s preferences, based on nothing much, but this is one is based on nine years extensive use. BEFORE YOU BEGIN Twitter is about making new friends and building relationships. Its not about banging out cheap marketing messages. Answer these questions: Why are you […]

Social Media Clowns

Gary Vaynerchuck explains why he said “99.5% of social media experts are clowns” and why I agree with him. Like Gary, I see lots of small business owners hiring people to ‘do’ their social media for them or advise them on how to use Twitter, Facebook etc without having any idea or track record on […]

How to get more Twitter followers

There are only two ways to get more Twitter followers. (Warning! There is more advice about how to use Twitter than there is about how to lose weight and most of it is just as useful! Also – sarcasm is used liberally throughout this post!) Actually, there are three ways to get Twitter followers but […]