The business roller coaster

Have you ever wanted to give up running a business and look for a job? You’re not alone! George Zitko started his business in 2012 and remembers sitting in his back bedroom trying to save a few pounds on business supplies. He spoke to another business owner who said “Instead of putting your energy into […]

Testimonial? You write it, I’ll sign it!

When you ask a client for a testimonial what do you get? “You write it, I’ll sign it!” How many times have you had a client say that? The truth is, even your raving fans might find it hard to give you a testimonial that will have your prospects queuing up to hire you, so […]

You can’t grow a business by yourself

Do you do everything in your business yourself – or just the important things? Today I got into a bit of an argument on Twitter (nothing new there). It started with someone moaning about having to get up at ridiculous hours to attend to their business and me responding by saying that as they own […]

How to be happy

Why do we need to know how to be happy? Why is happiness so important? Are we born happy and then lose it? What has happiness to do with business success? I recently became aware of a number of business owners who work such long hours that they neglect all the things that make them […]

Networking Revolution

Its time for a revolution in networking.   Business networking has fallen into a pattern: turn up, deliver a quick sales pitch, ‘work the room’, expect referrals and follow up with a further sales pitch, sometimes disguised as “lets meet for coffee”. Every few weeks, repeat repeat the same ritual with the same people, even […]