How do you plan in the face of continued uncertainty?

The past three years have resulted in a lot of people feeling exhausted and burnt out. The last thing most of us need right now is another challenge, but its still important to make plans and feel a sense of achievement, so I’m inviting you to join me in this stress-free programme for 2023.

Working with a mentor provides reassurance that you’re taking the right action.   

Work with me in 12 week bites

Set goals that don’t overwhelm you
Re-build your confidence
Keep a healthy work / life balance
Get a feeling of achievement
Have a cheerleader, supporter and mentor on tap!
Take it one easy bite at a time

The benefits of being mentored include:

  • being encouraged and empowered in personal and business development
  • being helped to identify and achieve your goals
  • being helped to identify and correct gaps in skills and knowledge
  • increasing your confidence
  • developing and maintaining a broader perspective on options and opportunities
  • having someone to call on who doesn’t judge you
    (See my testimonials for specific cases)

How it works

This process is designed to make life easier, not cause you more stress.
Work with me 1-1.
Start the 12 week period anytime you like with a Zoom call, just me and you.
Have weekly check-ins by email at whatever time suits you.
Get feedback on progress, ideas, suggestions and support.
End the 12 weeks with a Zoom call to review and celebrate progress.

Leave it there or carry on for another 12 weeks.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve! 

How much it costs

£99 per 12 week session. Simple!
(If you are a Premium Member of Drive, the Collaborative Network, this is included in your membership fee.)

If you’d like more details …