Martyn Sibley

Living in the moment – is this success?

When do you say “I’m successful”?

When do you say “I’ve done what I set out to do”

When do you relax and say “That’s enough”?

Martyn Sibley took the topic on self -belief being an intrinsic part of success and talked about why it is important and why he has it in bucket loads.

Martyn was already hugely successful but has gone on to spend the last couple of years having more adventures, achieving more of his goals and realising his most important dreams.

I’m lucky enough to meet lots of inspiring people in my business: its one of the reasons I do what I do, but Martyn consistently stops me in my tracks, makes me want to cheer and shout and  gives me such belief in what we human beings can achieve that I’m always enriched by his activities, whether its scuba diving, developing his business, drinking too much vodka or falling in love.

My post this week is a link to Martyn’s latest message because I can’t say anything better and I want everyone I know to read it. Think about what it means to you, whatever your circumstances and then dare yourself to do half of the things he has done and plans to do.

Read what Martyn has to say about Shedding Money Worries and Unleashing Your Creative Beast  and then tell me what your plans are for doing the same!
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