How to survive the first five years in business

A six year success story!

Most of my work is about helping business owners to be among the 10% who survive beyond the critical five year period and trying to reverse the huge failure rate, so it’s great to be able to tell stories about people who are succeeding in building a thriving business.

ARCHITETTURA MCMM is a vibrant Architecture + Interiors & Consultancy studio established in 2011 with the goal of producing unique, luxurious and imaginative spaces coupled with real Italian creative and elegant flair.

I asked the business owner, Chartered Architect Margherita Cesca, to share her ideas about what helped her to make it this far:

We’re now on year 6 and what a journey it has been!

The hardest element to balance when running your own business is definitely the COORDINATION of your personal life and your business life. Because I love what I do, I used to spend most of my time focused on my business, neglecting my family, my friends and most importantly myself.

Eventually I got myself ill! Thinking back I should have had a better plan and I should have never worked weekends and evenings!

Secondly I admit that running a business makes you tougher and stronger and your personality changes!

I became a fighter. I am now more resilient and assertive. I understand and respect my LIMITS. Unfortunately only experience and a few accidents would teach you this!

Having SUPPORT is key when running your own business. In order to become successful you need to be surrounded by positive people who believe in you, who want your best, who really admire your efforts.

Anybody who brings negative vibes shouldn’t be welcome in your life!

Finally be REALISTIC. If you’re just starting don’t beat yourself up if you’re not yet seeing any tangible results!

Keep pushing but equally, understand what you can really achieve and appreciate every little step you’re taking.

Running a business is not for everyone.

It takes courage. It takes confidence. It takes assertiveness. It takes nuts!

Find out more about Margherita at ARCHITETTURA MCMM and follow her on Twitter @Studio_MCMM

If you’ve got a success story to share or want help getting your business into a good place, let me know

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