What makes you uniquely you?

Ever wondered what makes someone tick beyond their business?

When you share your passion you connect with people on a different level and its very attractive in a way that talking about business rarely is. People often say they’re passionate about their business but no-one really cares because there’s no connection. If you want to create a real connection and you’ve got something to share in an 18 minute talk I’d love to hear from you.

Coming up:

October 29th 1.00 – 2.00 pm (BST)
Sophie Wadsworth
“A hedgehog crashes a dinner party: how to tell funny stories”

Hedgehog by Anne-Marie Miller

Sophie is a mission-driven leader and coach with a track record of leveraging organizations’ staff, board, and resources to achieve results. She helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit executives develop their presence and discover their most powerful stories to further their mission and promote the greater good.


Topics people have shared in this fun version of the iconic TED Talks:

Rust, being hilarious, ethical non-monogamy, puppets, the Middle East, YouTubers, synaesthesia, street art, recycling, Japanese loos, Makaton, the hero’s journey, homesteading, hacking, men with beards, neurodivergence, dying well, magic, music, cartooning, writing novels, failing at being a rock star, being a legal alien, and unnecessary puntuation

The talks are 18 minutes long, performed and recorded on a Zoom call with an audience and a Q&A. 

If you’d like to give a talk, get in touch.