Two important numbers for your business

1) HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO GET A NEW CUSTOMER? 2 ) WHAT IS THE LIFETIME VALUE OF A CUSTOMER? A lot of small businesses look at the first number to help calculate what they spend on marketing, but without knowing the second number, it’s impossible to calculate if the first number is good […]

Step back to grow your business

This is an extract from an interwiew I gave to The Guardian Entrepreneurs typically share the same vision, to launch a successful business and grow it. It is no secret this usually involves selling more goods and services to new markets. However, as ever, the devil can lay in the detail. According to business advisor […]

How to get great testimonials

Powerful testimonials really do persuade people to buy. We all like to see proof of how good something is before we buy it. We want to see if the people who bought it are like us (have the same problems, needs, desires or aspirations). We like to see if we’re in the same tribe, group, clan, […]

Starting a business with friends? You need this.

There are lots of great stories about friends who start businesses and have fun while they make money. What isn’t so well known are the disagreements, disappointments and misunderstandings that can lead to either the business or the friendship biting the dust -sometimes both. I was asked by Harry Wallop, FT Journalist for a comment […]

Managing time.

Managing time is all about making a plan and sticking to the plan. Here’s a process for staying in control: 1. Separate working time from personal time. 2. Decide on the hours you’re going to work in your business each day and mark them on a planner (9-5, 10-2 or whatever. Include meal times and […]