Work Smart – quick tips

Most people start a business to have more freedom, more choice and more time.

How to build an audience for your business

I’m always being asked how to get more people interested in a business (usually by people with little or no marketing budget). My answer is to build an audience of people who like you and what you do. What’s the difference between an audience and a market? Your audience may not be the people who […]

“I can’t imagine anyone paying me that much!”

How do you know you’re worth it? I was helping someone to review their recently formed business. Given his talents and experience we decided that he could easily move away from a generic, low cost offering to a more specific high value one. We started talking about pricing and I introduced the idea of value […]

This is the wrong question …

“How do I find more customers?” Whenever I hear that, I want to jump up and down and shout: “That’s the wrong question!” There are two much, much better questions. 1. How do I RETAIN and sell more to my existing customers? and 2.  How do I know when customers find me? The reasons these […]

How to deal with procrastination

Procrastination is when you deliberately seek out distractions to avoid doing something. The thing you’re avoiding might not even be something you dislike but in the moment, something else looks more attractive. The reasons for procrastinating are many and varied. Procrastination is an impulse; it’s deciding to eat healthily and buying salad for lunch then […]