How much luck is involved in reaching your goals?

How do you set goals -or do you avoid them? I’m involved in keeping a group of people accountable for progressing their goals. Before we started I asked everyone to decide on their reward for achieving their goals. Small business owners are remarkably poor at rewarding themselves for doing well, or even noting their achievements, […]

Setting boundaries and managing expectations

Having clear boundaries makes you easier to work with. Because I work with a network of business owners who encourage each other to be strong and bold and know their value I’ve always been heartened when they dismiss clients who don’t respect their boundaries. The “always-on” culture is partly to blame for boundaries becoming blurred […]

The self – employed roller coaster

Are you in it for the ride? The feast and famine that many freelancers / consultants / small business owners experience causes more stress than any other factor of the self employed life. We all know the score: You do a lot of business growth activities, you get new business, you get busy delivering what […]

Time, Energy, and Effort

Do you need more time or more energy? I talk to people a lot about managing their time but sometimes it isn’t time that’s the problem. Imagine pushing an empty wheelbarrow up a hill. Now imagine pushing a wheelbarrow full of bricks up the same hill. You might be able to do it in the […]

Being ahead of the curve

Is it a good thing to be ahead of the curve? I was talking to a client who described himself as being ahead of the curve and we got to discussing the significance of being in that position. Then I got to thinking about what it actually means. The ‘curve’ is the bell curve, a […]