The self – employed roller coaster

Are you in it for the ride? The feast and famine that many freelancers / consultants / small business owners experience causes more stress than any other factor of the self employed life. We all know the score: You do a lot of business growth activities, you get new business, you get busy delivering what […]

Time, Energy, and Effort

Do you need more time or more energy? I talk to people a lot about managing their time but sometimes it isn’t time that’s the problem. Imagine pushing an empty wheelbarrow up a hill. Now imagine pushing a wheelbarrow full of bricks up the same hill. You might be able to do it in the […]

Being ahead of the curve

Is it a good thing to be ahead of the curve? I was talking to a client who described himself as being ahead of the curve and we got to discussing the significance of being in that position. Then I got to thinking about what it actually means. The ‘curve’ is the bell curve, a […]

When to move from idea to action

“How quickly should you move from idea to action without overthinking it?” I just got asked this question because I was wondering how many people who’ve started podcasts took the time to work out if it was a good idea, or just gave in to an impulse because everybody else is doing it. Thinking something […]

What to charge for on-line workshops

Imagine being a personal trainer at the start of lockdown. Should you take your training sessions on-line? Would people pay for them? How much should you charge? Then along comes Jo Wicks. The guy already has a huge on-line following and here he is offering free classes for kids and attracting millions of people who […]