Planning for uncertainty

Small business owners are usually not great fans of planning. Most people start a business to do the thing they’re good at, and that’s not the boring businessy stuff. Add to this the uncertainty of a world in chaos and planning of any sort can seem futile. But I’m still banging on about planning and […]

Who are you – really?

Who are you and why should anyone care? “Do you know Brian Mitchell?” I get asked this a lot. Not about Brian Mitchell but about lots of people. The subtext, always, is: “Can I trust him/her?” We humans need to know about the people around us. We need to know if you’re a threat, if […]

The art of subtle networking

What’s the point of networking? Most people network to get something: sales, contacts, referrals, recommendations, etc. There is a certain type of networker who says their aim is to give but usually with the caveat that “givers gain” or that “what goes around comes around.” There are two main variations on networking: a formal ritual […]

What’s your why? Again.

Re-visiting the murky waters of Why. It seems like every couple of years the question of “what’s your why?” comes up. I blame Simon Sinek. He did a talk at TEDxPugetSound back in 2009 called “Start With Why. How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” Sinek is a leadership guru and founder of a consultancy specialising in […]

From Freelancer to Business Owner

“I want to build a business that’s not totally reliant on my skills”