A one sided love affair

Are you having a one sided love affair with your business? I hear a lot of people saying they “love” their business – usually as an excuse for why they work 24/7. If your business gives you everything you need in return for your love you can stop reading now and go back to it. […]

What’s top of your priority list?

Priorities came up in my conversations with clients a lot last week. Janet was wondering why a prospect hadn’t answered her calls a couple of days after she’d left a message. Frank was perplexed that he’d been chasing up repeat work from a client with no success, when he met them by chance at a […]

Price is about perception

When you buy something expensive, what are you really buying? It was Christmas. We’d been in the bosom of our family for several days. We exchanged that look that said, “Let’s escape!” He said, “Where do you want to go?” I said, “Somewhere that sells extravagantly expensive cocktails.” We’d just left a house with a […]

Are you obsessed with your business?

  Is it normal to be obsessed by a new business? A new business owner recently asked this question in our business forum: “Is it natural to be completely tired out and isolated? Three months in and other than a few networking events and family days, every day has been work. I’m pretty sure my […]

How to describe what you sell

Are you passing up the chance to captivate customers? Ever landed on a web page and wondered what the business does? Or met someone at a networking event who takes ten minutes of your life and leaves you none the wiser? With so many people vying for our attention, messages that aren’t clear, interesting and […]