The last thing you heard is not the silver bullet.

Looking for a quick fix to your business problems? There’s one – look! It’s Instagram!!! There’s another – quick, quick! It’s Facebook Ads! Let’s try another – slash the prices! No! It’s SEO that will fix everything! Have you ever felt like this? If you run a small business you probably have. Does any of […]

Finding your way through the business maze.

Getting a consistent, alternative perspective on your work is priceless This is an article by Jon Torrens, published on LinkedIn on June 5, 2018 As a self-employed/one-man army/freelance hero, I do everything for my business: marketing, accounts etc, as well as delivering my top-notch training and making sure it’s fresh and relevant. I believe that […]

Freelancer, Entrepreneur or Business Owner?

Does it matter if you call yourself a Freelancer, Entrepreneur or Business Owner? I keep having this conversation with people. I keep being told that it doesn’t matter, “so long as we’re solving problems for our clients”. I think it does matter – a lot. There’s a world of difference between freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs. […]