George Zitko at Drive the Network

The business roller coaster

Have you ever wanted to give up running a business and look for a job?

You’re not alone!

George Zitko started his business in 2012 and remembers sitting in his back bedroom trying to save a few pounds on business supplies. He spoke to another business owner who said “Instead of putting your energy into saving money, put it into making money!”

George gave himself a good talking to, and started investing his time and energy  into building his business in earnest.
Zitko Consulting is now a thriving enterprise with five employees and growing every year.

Here are some of the other things George recommends to build a great business:

  • Do what you know, and do it well. Don’t fall into the trap of chasing ‘the next big thing’. Stick to what you do best, and utilise that core expertise as your foundation for growth.
  • List all the things you would like your company to have in 5 years. Things like a great website, CRM system, defined recruitment process, IT hardware, sales tools, infrastructure etc. The sooner you can put these in, the easier it will be for your company to grow.
  • Hiring for yourself is tough. Don’t look for a duplicate of you!
  • Get out of your own way. Get your business to a point where it will run without you, as quickly as possible.
  • Work from an office rather than home – it gives you a different mindset.
  • Seek advice. From everyone! Some of the best ideas and advice come from open dialogue with other business owners – including clients.

George shared this advice with members of Drive the Network who are actively carrying out the last point. If you’d like to join in and share your experience, inspire and be inspired by other business owners, come and take a look!

If you’d like a smoother ride on the roller coaster of running a business, lets have a chat!  

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