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Being ahead of the curve

Is it a good thing to be ahead of the curve? I was talking to a client who described himself as being ahead of the curve and we got to discussing the significance of being in that position. Then I got to thinking about what it actually means. The ‘curve’ is the bell curve, a […]

Time and money

A client who was feeling overwhelmed just asked for help in deciding what to spend time on and what to let go. When we’d finished our session and he was feeling more in control I was reminded yet again that time and money are the two things that small business owners struggle with the most. […]

When to move from idea to action

“How quickly should you move from idea to action without overthinking it?” I just got asked this question because I was wondering how many people who’ve started podcasts took the time to work out if it was a good idea, or just gave in to an impulse because everybody else is doing it. Thinking something […]

You don’t need an elevator pitch

Have you ever heard an elevator pitch that took your breath away? Have you ever listened to a 60 second pitch without your eyes glazing over? By the time you get to the tenth person in the room spouting “I help my clients to xxx  … “,  are you ready to run away screaming? Me […]

Mastermind Groups

There are many versions of Mastermind Groups, some a lot more effective than others. Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate who was once one of the richest men in American history, attributed his entire fortune and success to his Mastermind group. The original Mastermind Group Its thought that the idea of Mastermind groups started as far […]