Why you should blog with passion

 Why you should blog with passion Blogging with passion gets great results.

In this refreshingly honest and funny interview Sam Collett talks about how she became an award winning blogger with her property blog “What Sam Saw Today”

Sam started her blog because she loved writing about her adventures in the property market. She doesn’t use catchy subject lines, optimise for SEO or employ any of the other techniques that most professional bloggers recommend.

She attracts approx 5,500 readers a month – not huge by some standards but numbers that many bloggers would envy.

Techniques v Content

While an undeniably smart cookie in many areas, Sam professes to know little about the mechanics of blogging and uses the same WordPress theme that she started with in 2010.

She mentions in the interview that, in an attempt to become more “professional”, she started following some of the popular “How to Blog” blogs but found that the techniques they espoused detracted from her writing and she stopped enjoying it. She decided to go back to her natural style of writing and to forget all the techniques that are supposed to make your blog more popular.

Blogging led Sam to successfully pitch for a regular column with the Evening Standard Homes & Property, and two book publishing deals for How to Buy Property at Auction and Property Investment: The Essential Rules.

On being proactive on both these fronts Sam says, “You can’t just blog and sit back and expect people to notice you and come and offer you things. My blog is the proof that I can write but I still went out and got the deals I wanted and made things happen.”

Be true to yourself

Sam puts the success of her blog down to a very simple thing: she writes in a way that she enjoys about things she loves.

I see this simple strategy work time and time again in many different ways. Transparency, openness and lack of attempts to manipulate lead people who share your values to connect with you and want to be part of what you do. In Sam’s case, creating great content is easy because she talks about what she believes in.

Sam is a regular tweeter @whatsamsawtoday , and can be found on FacebookG+ and the online property forum: “Landlord Network” on LinkedIn. She describes her social networking as “having conversations with people” and doesn’t use it to incessantly plug her blog.

Listen to Sam’s disarming interview and Q&A from Cambridge Bloggers Meetup 


I’ve just heard that Sam has won  Best Blog AND Best Blog Post in the PrimeLocation Blog Awards.

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  1. Richard Farrar
    Richard Farrar says:

    Thanks for putting up the audio recording Ann. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the meeting, so that audio was brilliant for me and nice to see that Sam has regained her passion for blogging too.

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